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If you have been invited to participate in a High 5 webinar, please connect using the information below. You will need an internet-connected computer and either a phone line or computer headset for the audio. After each webinar, a recording will be posted on this page.

For best results, test your connection ahead of time, and join the meeting a few minutes before the scheduled start time. Connection test: http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html

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2019 High 5 Webinar Dates
To join a webinar, click on the date/topic heading in the below list. You don't need to sign in - just enter your email address and name when prompted, then click the "Join" button. All webinars below run from noon to 1. Please mark your calendars and check back periodically as topic and speaker information is updated.

July 16 - Cancelled

August 27 - Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition webinar discussing Medications in Lactation and introducing KBC's new handout and algorithm on medication decision-making during lactation.

September 17 - Topic TBD
October 15 - Topic TBD
November 19 - Topic TBC

-- Recordings of Past Webinars --

June 18, 2019
Breastfeeding Outside the Box:
Helping Families with Alternative Feeding Solutions

With Megan Bayer RN MSN IBCLC

May 21, 2019
Strength in Numbers: The Importance of Community Collaboration to Hospital QI Success

With Brenda Bandy and Kathy Walker

Appendix A: Hospital Prenatal Education Status Descriptors

Appendix B: Hospital Post-Discharge Care Status Descriptors

Appendix C: Community Dashboard

April 16, 2019
Does Breastfeeding Protect Maternal Mental Health? The Role of Oxytocin and Stress

With Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

Slides: Depression and Breastfeeding

March 19, 2019
What is WIC and What Are Their Services?

With Gabrielle Risley and Kara Watts from KDHE

December 18, 2018
Hand Expression, How and When

Libby Rosen presents a session covering when hand expression is appropriate and how to do it.

Handout: Hand Expression Graphic

November 20, 2018
Evaluating & Deciphering Research Studies

Karen Wambach talks about research evaluation and how research can help us in our practice.

Evaluating and Deciphering Research Studies


Guide to an Overall Critique of a Quantitative Research Report

October 16, 2018
Breast, Bottle, or Both?

Michelle Finn talks about working with families who plan to mix-feed their babies and how to work with them both in the hospital and after they go home.

Breast Bottle or Both

August 21, 2018
How to Work With Your Prenatal Providers

With Kathy Walker and Melody Ward, Wesley Medical Center

June 19, 2018
Breastfeeding: Continuity of Care


Jolynn Dowling, Wichita State University, talks about continuity of care as it relates to breastfeeding, and about the journey she and a community group took with Wesley Medical Center as they worked toward Baby-Friendly designation. Learn how to engage community members and your local BF coalition to help make care for our families seamless.

May 15, 2018
Alternative Feeding Methods

With Megan Bayer, Breastfeeding Center of Wichita


April 24, 2018
Communicating with Hospital Administration - A business approach


Related resource: How to Talk to Hospital Leaders

February 20, 2018
High 5 Tips & Tricks

Title Slide

December 19, 2017
Resources for Physicians

Title Slide

Related resources: List of Lactation Resources for Providers

November 21, 2017
Kansas EMPower Hospitals, Almost to Baby-Friendly!

Title Slide

October 12, 2017
How To Use mPINC Data

Title Slide

July 13, 2017
Rooming In, Birth to One Year

Title Slide

June 15, 2017
How to Move Forward When You Seem to Be Rolling Downhill

Title Slide

May 18, 2017

Title Slide

March 16, 2017
Using Available Online Resources

Title Slide

Related resources: Online Resources Directory

February 16, 2017
Policy to Support Best Maternity Practices

Title Slide

Related resources: Presentation | Model Policy Handout

December 13, 2016
The Whys of Becoming a Baby-Friendly Hospital

Title Slide

November 8, 2016
Safely Supporting Skin to Skin Care

Title Slide

Related resources: Presentation | Handout | Bibliography | References

September 13, 2016
Skin to Skin After a C-Section

Title Slide

July 12, 2016
Reimbursement for Lactation Services, How Others Get it to Work

Title Slide

Related resource: USLCA Links to Reimbursement Webinars

June 14, 2016
Hospital Formula Bags, Good Business or Bad Medicine?

Title Slide

May 10, 2016
Sleep - How to Get Through the Night

Title Slide

April 19, 2016
Electronic Medical Records for Breastfeeding

Title Slide

March 8, 2016
Prenatal and Postnatal Support for Breastfeeding Families:
Real Life Examples

Title Slide

March 1, 2016
We Did It, Now What?

Title Slide

January 12, 2016
Tips for Rooming In

(note: audio begins 30 seconds in)

Title Slide

November 10, 2015
Hand Expression and Hands-On Pumping

Title Slide

October 15, 2015
Building Community Bonds

Title Slide

September 8, 2015
Skin to Skin Holding in the OR

Title Slide

September 1, 2015
Baby-Friendly Hannibal Trip follow-up with Kathy Walker

Title Slide

Resources from Hannibal Bus Trip August 27-28, 2015 [pdf]

August 13, 2015
Improving Exclusive Breastmilk Feeding

Title Slide

June 25, 2015
The How and Whys of an IBCLC

Title Slide

Resource Slide - Support Resources

April 30, 2015 (note: rescheduled from April 23)
Pacifier Use in the Hospital

Title Slide

Due to technical difficulties, a recording of this webinar is unavailable. Please review the below slides instead:

Pacifier Use in the Hospital - Stormont Vail HealthCare

High 5 Best Practice 4- No Pacifiers or Artificial Nipples

March 10, 2015
Exclusive Breastfeeding in the Hospital

Title Slide

February 19, 2015
Baby Friendly Process
- Hosted by High 5

Title Slide

January 29, 2015
Rooming In

Title Slide

November 20, 2014
Skin to Skin in the Delivery Room

Title Slide

October 30, 2014
Support for Parents After Delivery

Title Slide

October 9, 2014
Model Hospital Policy

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